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Teamwork: Clubs And Players Working Together To Defeat Thieves

This week has seen the resumption of the UEFA Champions League, football's most lucrative club competition. When the tournament's group fixtures were announced last month, there was intense excitement for players, pundits, press and fans alike. Yet I suspect that there will have also been a degree of apprehension too. That's because knowledge of the fixtures is more than a cue to squad rotation for managers and a scramble for tickets by supporters. It also provides criminals at home and abroad with the playing schedule for the sport's elite and best-paid performers in the months to come. After all, a

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Five-Star Broadway Completes Ranking Double

Broadway Insurance Brokers has cemented its place as one of the most dynamic names in the UK's insurance industry by being named in two of the country's most prestigious professional rankings. Chief Executive Daniel Lloyd-John has become the only broker outside London to feature in the latest classification of leading advisors to high net worth clients compiled by Spear's magazine. In addition, Broadway is the sole company from the north of England included in a list of the Five-Star Brokers published by Insurance Business magazine. Mr Lloyd-John has described the rankings as a testament to the commitment made by both

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Regulation And Respect: The Importance Of Compliance

The financial services industry makes up one of the key pillars of the global economy. Bearing in mind the enormous number of lives which it affects, it is only right that there are controls in place to ensure that it acts in a fit and proper manner. In the UK, overseeing the sector falls to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It was created by an act of parliament a decade ago as one of the mechanisms to regulate how the industry functions. Even though the regulatory framework which it is responsible for maintaining has changed markedly in the years since,

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Strategy, Uncertainty…and Mike Tyson

The start of the New Year is when we traditionally set our personal and professional targets for the 12 months to come. Many readers will no doubt agree, however, that sticking to resolutions becomes progressively more difficult as the weeks and months elapse. Establishing a strategy is a key ingredient but not the entire recipe for success in itself. What is important is how a company and its preparations copes with the actual challenges placed before it Or, as the former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson put it, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".

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‘Civilisation’ And Cyber Threat: Using Data To Tackle Digital Dangers

Technology has presented us with immense benefits for our home and work lives. The most important arguably include convenience and connectivity. Tasks which once might have been costly in terms of time or expense, such as interacting with friends and family, attending meetings, shopping or watching movies, can now be completed in seconds from the comfort of our armchairs. However, being so connected to individuals and organisations who might be half a world away has its downsides too. It means that we leave a digital footprint, traces of our personal information which can be of great value to criminals. Back

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False Economy: Rising Living Costs And Cutting Insurance Cover

There's little doubt that we're in the middle of what is an extremely challenging time for many households across the UK. A combination of circumstances has hit many families squarely in the pocket. Last month, the Bank of England announced that it expected the UK to enter the longest recession in history and one which might result in half a million people losing their jobs. Two weeks later, new figures published by the House of Commons' Library revealed that rising food and energy prices meant inflation was 11 per cent higher than last year. Recession and inflation might sound relatively

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All Present And Correct: A Different Type Of Christmas Claus(e)

Although we're nearing the time of year when we crane our necks to catch sight of a certain sleigh and reindeer above snowy rooftops, we know that it's not just Santa who likes to give gifts at Christmas. In spite of economic conditions which may mean that festive spending is rather more restrained than usual, there is plenty of evidence that people are still likely to splash out on presents for friends and family. One forecast has already suggested that the cost of Christmas for UK households this year will be almost two-thirds more than 12 months ago. Some of

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Hello-Ho-Ho: Managing Risk In A Winter Wonderland

As I write, there's now less than a week until Christmas Day. For many people, it's a time to switch off and enjoy the festivities with family and friends. However, there are other individuals apart from Santa for whom the holiday period doesn't necessarily mean a chance to put their feet up. The emergency services work hard all year 'round, of course. Even so, the National Health Service (NHS) is this year preparing to use what have been described as "war rooms" during what it believes might be the busiest winter on record. Whilst the insurance industry might not be

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Final Whistle: Will Sterling’s World Cup Burglary Be Watershed Moment?

As the World Cup currently taking place in Qatar heads into the final stages, we have a little more clarity about which team will emerge as the overall winners. Some would say that's particularly welcome, given that this tournament has arguably been the strangest in the history of the competition. Before the matches began in earnest, it seemed that the event would be dominated by controversy about the fact that it was taking place in middle of the season, complaints about the choice of host country and efforts by organisers to control what players and spectators said and even wore.

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20 Questions with Andrew Thorn, Senior Underwriter

20 Questions with Andrew Thorn We sat down to talk to Senior Underwriter Andrew Thorn from Brit, London.    How do you like to start the day?  Exercising if possible, it’s great for the mind. This has reduced following baby number 2…..   What’s the best part of your job?  Delivering results, working closely with brokers, and developing and maintaining relationships. Working in a friendly, fun team.   What’s your favourite object in your office? The internet now! A nicer comfier chair compared to home.   How would your friends and family describe you in three words? Hopefully funny, caring

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Broadway Director Honoured With Insurance Industry Award

One of the key individuals behind the rapid rise of Broadway Insurance Brokers has been acclaimed for her "significant and valuable contribution" to the insurance industry. Private Client Director Eleanor Moore has been given the President's Award by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). The Institute's current President, Peter Blanc, explained that the honour is "only awarded when there is a suitably deserving candidate". During the pandemic, Ms Moore became the first individual to serve consecutive terms as head of the Insurance Institute of Manchester and was responsible for introducing a series of initiatives to support the professional and personal development

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‘A Day In The Life’ Of Eleanor Moore, Director Of Private Clients

We get to know our Director of Private Clients, Eleanor Moore a little better. She takes us on a typical day in her life and shows us what it’s like working at Broadway. Morning I start the day with a coffee and of course a stretch and a cuddle with the dog. Then it’s time to check my emails that have arrived overnight and prioritise my workload for the day. I tend to work remotely and also from our offices, usually from home twice a week and then in the offices the rest of the time. This can vary week

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‘A Day In The Life’ of Bob Eccles, Executive Loss Adjuster

Bob Eccles, Executive Loss Adjuster (Private Clients) at McLarens in Manchester tells us all about his role. "I have over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, having worked for GAB Robins, Crawfords, and Criterion, before recently re-joining McLarens on 12th July 2021. My first working day at McLarens on Monday 12th July coincided with the London floods, and my first day on appointments was on that very Thursday. Instead of following the usual practice of spending two weeks on training courses, induction sessions and meetings with colleagues, I was literally in at the deep end seeing flood claims

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Definitely, (Not) Maybe: Cyber Insurance And Disclosure

Let's face it, the world of insurance can seem complicated to many people who don't work in it. At its best and most effective, it's a three-way process - a clear dialogue between those wanting cover, their brokers and the underwriters employed by insurers. Nevertheless, some individuals and small businesses prefer to deal directly with insurers. Given that they may not be absolutely familiar with what is entailed, there is at least the potential of problems arising. One difficulty is in relation to disclosure, the full and frank provision of information by intended policyholders to ensure that cover is appropriate.

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Are (Insurance) Friends Really Electric? AI And The Customer Experience

There's little doubt that technology has radically impacted our lives and I don't think that I'd be alone in arguing that, for the most part, it has had a beneficial effect. The pace of development shows little sign of slowing down either. It's hard to believe that less than 200 years ago, the world marvelled at the first passenger rail service. Yet in the last half-century, we've sent humans to the moon in a rocket with less processing power than one of today's mobile 'phones and made computers which slip neatly into our pockets more capable than machines which not

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That Sinking Feeling: Client Service And Subsidence

As the centuries-old saying goes, an Englishman's home is his castle. In many cases, it is also his main asset. Last month, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) detailed how the average house price in the UK was £286,397 - a rise of more than two-thirds (68.4 per cent) in the course of the last decade. It is of no small concern for Englishmen, women and children, then, for an increasing number of individuals across the country to discover that their castles are potentially built on unstable foundations. Another summer of record temperatures and prolonged periods without rain has prompted

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Resilience And Results: The Lessons Of Broadway’s First Two Years

In a sense, the end of a financial year for any business has echoes of December the 31st for the rest of the general population. It offers the opportunity to reflect on progress made and the intended direction of travel for the future. However, that consideration is usually more sober - and, hopefully, with an absence of fireworks - than New Year's Eve. As I write, Broadway has completed a second successful year since its launch. Over the last 12 months, we have seen further solid growth across all of the key indicators of our operations. The value of the

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Mind The ‘Insurance Gap’: Inflation And Adequate Cover

Having insurance cover certainly provides peace of mind. Yet the reason why we put cover in place is more than merely psychological. It means that should our loved ones, our property or our businesses experience theft, damage or death, we will either be able to repair the physical or commercial injury, or be adequately compensated for our loss. When it comes to property, for instance, an important part of that process is establishing an accurate valuation at the very outset. That ensures that you may be totally reimbursed should you have to make a claim. Should you not cover up

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Broadway Plans For Future As “Dramatic” Growth Continues

One of the country's most dynamic names in insurance broking is planning to develop client services after announcing further "dramatic" growth. Broadway Insurance Brokers has reported that the value of corporate and private assets for which it arranges cover had doubled to more than £1.25 billion during only its second year in business. Chief Executive Daniel Lloyd-John has also described how the amount of Gross Written Premiums (GWPs) generated over the course of the last 12 months had more than trebled to £4.5 million. He said that having cemented its position as the leading risk management advisor to many of

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Broadway Best In North West In High Net Worth Ranking

The founder of one of the country's most dynamic names in insurance broking has claimed top billing among the North West's risk management advisors to high net worth clients. Daniel Lloyd-John, the Chief Executive of Broadway Insurance Brokers, is one of only 18 individuals from across the UK and the only specialist based in the North West region to be recommended by the latest edition of the prestigious Spear's 500 rankings. It is the latest recognition for Mr Lloyd-John and follows his election in May as chairman of the Greater Manchester's regional committee of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

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20 Questions with Lauren Winstanley

We get to know Lauren Winstanley - Private Client Executive at Broadway Insurance Brokers. How do you like to start the day? My youngest two children (twins) are 8 and they wake me every day with a hug and a smile. You can’t beat that! Then, before anything can be done, I like a nice cup of tea. What’s the best part of your job?  The people. I enjoy the diversity of the people we get to meet and build lasting relationships with. It is a privilege to be invited into homes and to get to know clients personally. What’s

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Holding Onto Your Designer Handbag

Handbags are regarded as one of the most aspirational accessories - a very visible display of someone's sense of taste and elegance. Even though some, of course, cost many thousands of pounds, the more desirable models arguably say more about their owners' contacts than the contents they hold. That's because they are so highly sought after that until recently would-be purchasers faced a six-year wait to take delivery. Their cachet means that they are now not only prized and stylish possessions. A US court case earlier this year heard evidence that one of the most wanted handbags of all -

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Cracking The Hacking Threat: The Growing Importance Of Cyber Insurance

In addition to the enormous impact which the Covid-19 pandemic had on global health, its indirect effects on the world's economy look set to be felt well into the future. Across the UK, hybrid working has become something of a 'new normal' in itself. According to the most recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), more than one-third of employees now split their working week between home and the office. The restrictive measures imposed by governments in different territories in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus have also had another consequence. Remote working, reduced

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The EV Insurance Revolution: How Elon Musk Is Changing The Game

Hunting for the cheapest car insurance deals has become a staple of owning a car but recent news from Elon Musk could change the game for good. In May 2022 business magnate Elon Musk made the announcement that he intended to take motor policies for his electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla, in-house. The cover was launched in March 2022 and is currently available in eight US states. Tesla will take their insurance policies in-house offering claims and underwriting service and a 60% discount on premiums. This announcement has thrown into question the future of vehicle insurance, particularly EV insurance. Musk

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Moving The Goalposts: Premier League Clubs And Covid BI Losses

The process of combatting the threat of Covid-19 has arguably been transformative for the UK. Nevertheless, after two years which seemed to present us with a number of terrible milestones, we will reach another more upbeat anniversary next month. On the 19th of July, it will be exactly one year since the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, scrapped the last of the restrictions which were put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, there remains a lingering strain on the business community and it is one which - if you pardon the pun - looks set to go into

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Write Is Might: Policies, Premiums And Plain English

Insurance is an essential and very important financial services product. Whether we're protecting our loved ones, our homes or our businesses, we all need cover to manage the risks to which we're exposed on a regular basis. Given the complex nature of some of those risks, it's perhaps understandable that policies can be rather detailed, with a considerable amount of small print. It's also to be expected that individuals who don't work in the insurance industry find the terminology a little hard to comprehend. That is something made clear by a report entitled 'The Future of Insurance' published recently by

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Sex(ism) In The City: The Insurance Industry And Inclusion

An entire generation has grown up with the idea of equality in the workplace. More than half a century, in fact, has elapsed since the passing of the Equal Pay Act in 1970, legislation which was reinforced only five years later by the Sex Discrimination Act. Yet whilst most of us have long seen no reason to distinguish between individuals because of their gender - just as we don't and shouldn't accept bias based on someone's sexual orientation, colour, religion or age - there remain those who can't to come to terms with equality. That much is clear from a

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Broadway Founder Elected Chair Of Regional Insurance Broker Body

The founder of one of the country's newest and most dynamic names in insurance broking has been elected to represent industry peers across Greater Manchester. Daniel Lloyd-John, the Chief Executive of Broadway Insurance Brokers, will serve as chairman of the area's regional committee of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) for 12 months. The Manchester committee is one of the largest and longest-standing of the 11 such BIBA groups across the UK. Mr Lloyd-John said that his election was an "honour" and came at a pivotal moment for the insurance industry. "Manchester is the second largest financial services market in

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