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North West Top Billing For Broadway In High Net Worth Ranking

One of the country's newest and most dynamic names in insurance broking has claimed top billing among the North West's risk management advisors to high net worth clients. Broadway Insurance Brokers is one of only twenty five brokers from across the UK and one of just two from the region to be named in the latest edition of the Spear's 500 rankings In addition, the firm's founder and Chief Executive, Daniel Lloyd-John, was included among the country's 20 "top recommended" insurance industry professionals. He explained that the recognition had capped a successful first year for Broadway. Last month, the firm

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20 Questions With Martin Lilley

Director of Corporate Clients at Broadway Insurance Brokers How do you like to start the day? Despite not being a morning person, I like to get up early, well, relatively...and go to the gym followed by a lovely strong Nespresso coffee. ‘Own the morning, elevate your day’ as Brian Sharma once said; the feeling of control flows through the whole day, no matter how tough it gets! Where did you grow up? I grew up in Chorley where my mum and family still live. My dad was a well-known coal man and had his own business; I didn’t follow in

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Reading The Road Ahead: Matching Insurance To Changing Circumstances

Of all the statistics which we've been confronted with since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there is one which I found quite intriguing. It came from research undertaken by a multi-national insurance company examining how the toll taken by Covid-19 might have caused people in the UK to change their approach to life cover. The study concluded that almost six million adults had subsequently either bought or at least thought of buying life policies. That might seem like a positive development, until we consider how it still leaves 63 per cent of the adult population without any life cover

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No Cop-Out: Insurance, DiCaprio and a ‘Titanic’ Climate Change Challenge

As I write, we're about to start the second and final week of the 26th United Nations' conference on climate change - or COP26, for short - in Glasgow. Over the course of the opening few days, the importance of the event in devising a concerted approach to limit man's negative impact on our planet has been put in stark terms. Sir David Attenborough, for instance, said the opportunity to focus on solutions to check rising temperatures and sea levels as a chance to "turn tragedy into triumph". Whilst much of the attention devoted by news media to the event

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Direction Of Travel: Broadway And A Changing Insurance Landscape

It's now just over a year since Broadway opened its doors. Even in just those 12 months, we have seen the kind of shifts which illustrate the importance of the support provided by brokers to business and private clients alike. For instance, the majority of restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19 have been lifted but the pandemic's legacy for the insurance industry will be found in a number of tremendous changes. Great pressures on the global economy have forced companies and insurers to consider how best to prepare for future events. That work continues even as payments resulting from

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A Helping Hand Through The Money Maze

Despite the urging of teachers at the time, I'm not sure how many of those individuals reading this article will look back on their schooldays with total fondness. One of the main gripes for pupils in every generation seems to have been about the relevance of items on the syllabus to life once they leave classrooms or university campuses behind. There are now, of course, many vocational education courses, providing students with a solid grounding in a range of technical and professional subjects. Whilst those studies will help them prepare for the world of work, questions have been rightly asked

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Insurance And Interruption: Progress But Still Not Resolution For All

It's now almost 18 months since Britain was placed into a state of lockdown in an attempt to stem the spread of coronavirus. The measures proved severe for many businesses, especially those in the hospitality sector. Even more alarming was their inability to secure payouts on the business interruption insurance policies which they had put in place. Those disputes culminated in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) bringing a test case on behalf of some of the estimated 370,000 businesses thought to be affected against a number of insurers. Because of the urgency and exceptional economic circumstances, those proceedings moved through

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Getting Up To Speed: Insurance And The Electric Car

The pace of impact which technology has had on our lives has quickened considerably in recent decades. It should, therefore, perhaps come as no surprise that the same sense of acceleration increasingly applies to how we get about. Although the first production electric car rolled out of a London factory in 1884, it hasn't been until his century that battery-powered vehicles have firmly left the realm of science fiction behind and merged with modern day traffic flows. The degree to which electric and hybrid cars have gone mainstream can be easily seen by a quick glance at the monthly sales

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Custody And Jeopardy: The Importance Of Reading Policy Small Print

Small print. The very mention of it is enough to elicit a yawn among some people. There are many others who, I bet, never bother to read in detail the clauses and criteria which we find appended to many contracts. Yet small print is there for a reason, setting out important elements - or endorsements, as they're known - which underpin whatever agreement that we have signed up to. In the case of insurance, adhering to the small print can be the difference between seeing a claim paid out or not. I was speaking recently to the Daily Telegraph about

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Interruption And Disruption: The Supreme Court And Our Approach To Risk

It still takes my breath away. In the space of just 15 months, many accepted wisdoms about our lives both in and out of the workplace have changed markedly. That pace of change shows no sign of abating either. Yet it could be said that some of the radical shifts which we have seen in how individuals and corporations behave are perhaps for the better. For example, take just one topic: risk - a subject integral to why Broadway was established and what we do on a daily basis. Back in mid-January, the Supreme Court handed down its judgement regarding

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Outward Looking, Inward Investment: How The North West Has Weathered The Pandemic

Almost two months after the UK took its first steps out of lockdown, there are still few doubts as to the impact which the Covid pandemic has had on the country's economy. We only need glance around our high streets and city centres to see that many businesses sadly did not survive the enforced loss of custom. Only a couple of weeks ago, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that overall economic performance in March remained considerably behind where it had been before coronavirus first put the world's markets on hold. As is often the case, however, the mood

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How To Insure Your Dreamcar To Avoid A Nightmare

Now that summer looks as if it's finally arrived, it's hard to avoid the temptation to spend time outside, enjoying the sunshine. After a year of lockdown, most of us will doubtless welcome the sights and sounds of a return to relative normality. Depending on where you live, the seasonal soundtrack is not only birdsong and the buzzing of bumble bees. Listen closely and you might also be able to pick out the throaty roar of a sportscar. Figures published recently by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders revealed that Audi, BMW and Maserati have all been flying out

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Sleep ‘Walking’: Insurance, The FCA And A Problem With Loyalty

The renewal of insurance policies is arguably a far more dynamic process than it was in years past. Now, insurers' desire to be competitive and the ease with which consumers can compare quotes has led to an increase in switching between providers. A relatively recent survey found that almost three-quarters of policyholders prepared to change insurer, with customers most likely to do so when considering motor, home and contents cover. There is, however, a consequence of insurers jockeying for all that potential extra business. A report published last year by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) found that those individuals who

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Four-By-Forewarned: Policy Problems And Rising Vehicle Thefts

No matter where we're driving, we see them. To fans, they're known as SUV's or four-by-fours. To their critics, they're referred to almost dismissively as 'Chelsea Tractors'. Yet no matter whether we love or loathe them, large vehicles are arguably a more regular feature on our roads than ever before. Some of the most recent figures available show that SUVs accounted for one-fifth of all car sales in the UK in 2018 - a rise of almost 15 per cent in less than a decade. Sadly, they're not just appealing to motorists but to criminals too. One recent study highlighted

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Reality And Resilience Key In New Financial Year

As we all know, the last 12 months have severely tested our supplies of resilience and patience. Despite enforced spells of home-working meaning that many people have spent more time with their families than normal, simply keeping households and businesses going has been a challenge. Yet, as some of the restrictions are lifted and the UK's economy prepares to gradually open up once again, I believe that it's essential to dampen down any expectations that life either in or out of the office is going to instantly return to what we used to regard as normality. In the last few

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Mileage, Marketing and Motor Insurance Reality

Buying almost anything involves making some sort of judgement call about an item's comparable merits. It doesn't matter whether it's expensive or relatively cheap: tinned tomatoes, holidays or even a house. We're continually deciding prospective purchases based on a number of different factors. Whilst some may rely on the personal recommendations of those whom we trust, how many of us are swayed by marketing? Even something as important as a financial service - the institutions that we bank with or buy insurance or pensions from, for example - can be subtly influenced by stirring music, reassuring slogans or furry brand

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Insurance And Inconsistencies: Travel In The Post-Lockdown World

Last week, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced plans to gradually ease the current Covid-related restrictions imposed across the UK. The phased relaxation of rules designed to limit the spread of the virus have, naturally, come as something of a welcome relief to those who have spent almost an entire year under some form of lockdown. Many individuals, perhaps frustrated at having cancelled trips overseas, will have paid particular attention to references about when they might be able to take foreign holidays once more. However, there was a reason why Downing Street referred to the strategy as a "roadmap" rather

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Prospects And The Provinces: Regional Variations In The UK Insurance Market

Over the course of the last year, we have once again become used to the idea of living in a bubble. However, whereas the term is now taken to refer to groups of individuals at work or at home trying to limit exposure to the coronavirus, the definition previously held rather negative connotations. For example, people living outside London have often described the capital as existing in a bubble of its own, with a particular outlook and different economic or cultural circumstances to those in the rest of the country. It's a concept which came to mind while I was

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Insurance And Algorithms: Not So ‘Simples’?

Given that technology has brought such convenience to so many aspects of our lives, it's hardly surprising that many individuals in the insurance market turn to price comparison sites. After all, as the television and print advertisements boast, these services can save time and money when trying to arrange a variety of cover for our homes, health, holidays and cars. However, as popular as some of the major operators have become, questions are being asked as to whether they actually provide consumers with genuine value for money. Only in the last week or so, in fact, the Competition and Markets

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Pandemics And Policies: A Supreme Challenge For Insurance

The last year has seen the health of the world's populations and its economies take a battering. With a renewed spread of infection and governments across the globe introducing ever tighter measures to protect their citizens, the coronavirus pandemic has shown few signs of releasing its grip on personal or commercial confidence. In the UK this week, the Office for National Statistics released a brace of reports providing a snapshot of the current severity of the financial consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak. The first - the latest instalment in a series of surveys of businesses from across the country operating

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In A Year Of Change, A New View On Insurance

The last 12 months have been remarkable for the degree in which the certainty of how we live and work has been turned upside down. In having to work from home, we've not just become estranged from our desks but our friends and colleagues too. Mind you, social distancing has even required us to change how we interact with family and neighbours - a topic which is of particular sensitivity as I write, only days before Christmas. Stability is something which we all fundamentally crave. Even as Santa prepares for his yearly delivery run, I reckon that we're all a

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Eleanor Moore Joins Broadway as Director of Private Clients

Today Broadway is delighted to announce the arrival of Eleanor Moore as Director of Private Clients. From today, Eleanor will lead Broadway’s Private Clients function in alignment with the company’s strategic growth and investment plan. Eleanor will report to Daniel Lloyd-John as Chief Executive, and will continue in her role as Chair of the Manchester Insurance Institute. Eleanor brings more than 28 years of extensive client and operational experience to the role and is well-regarded as one of the leading insurance advisers to private client across the North of England. In addition to her client duties, Eleanor is tasked with

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Broadway Announces Private Clients Leadership Team

Broadway Insurance Brokers today announced the appointments of Eleanor Moore and Geraint Jones to join its specialist Private Clients division. From 19th October, Eleanor Moore will join as Director of Private Clients. Eleanor is the current President of the Manchester Insurance Institute and is widely recognised as one of the leading names in the Manchester insurance market. She has over 28 years’ experience focusing primarily as a specialist adviser to high-net-worth individuals, families, business owners, estates, and personalities. In her role, Eleanor will oversee the broking and client strategy and placement activities at Broadway. The specialist team will focus on

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In Summary: FCA Covid-19 Business Interruption Test Case

On March 19, the FCA wrote to insurance firms making clear their expectations in relation to the widespread impact of Covid-19 on policyholders. They outlined an expectation that insurance firms should ‘consider very carefully the needs of their customers and show flexibility in their treatment of them’. Insurers were asked to ‘clearly communicate any policy exclusions that may impact the cover and use of individual policies.’ This was followed by a Dear CEO Letter to all Chief executives of insurance firms outlining expectations of firms with regard to the settlement of BI claims and the need to assess and settle claims quickly.

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A Corporate Client Guide to Broker Selection

Emerging risks. Rising premiums. Reducing insurer capacity. Limited Business Interruption (BI) contract terms due to Coronavirus. Many UK companies are facing an altogether more challenging insurance marketplace as they prepare for their next renewal. Furthermore, the UK broking market remains in a constant state of change and evolution. Independent insurance brokers continue to be targets for acquisition by Private Equity interests and large brokers. Year on year, continued consolidation has led to a reduction in the number of specialist brokers in the market, leading to established brokers becoming more focused on internal reorganisation as they seek to harvest cost reduction

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Great Expectations

Young future leaders are no longer content with the beaten path. Instead of making their way up the traditional corporate leadership path like their predecessors, the absolute best are seeking opportunities to prove themselves right from the outset. To meet these shifting demands, the most agile organisations are re-examining their existing business structures. Tomorrow’s leaders have arrived. In truth, they entered the workplace sometime ago and did so armed with a quite different set of skills, behaviours and expectations. In recent years, the insurance industry has welcomed the arrival of new technologies, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Valuable tools

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Expect The Unexpected But Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

When contributing to devising a risk management plan some years ago for a FTSE 100 company, I read many Corporate Governance articles encouraging me to do the expected.  Categorise the key risks to the strategic plan and the budget so as to be sure to identify those relating to financial, operational, infrastructure, people, IT and legal and regulatory matters and give each a score by assessing their likelihood and their impact.  Then came the most difficult part.  How best to mitigate each risk? At this stage I stopped reading the articles and used a simple acronym -TRAP or Terminate, Reduce,

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Sharing In The Value Of BIBA

For established insurance colleagues and professionals, BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers Association, is one of the most recognised and highly respected brands in the industry. For over forty years, BIBA has been representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers by campaigning on all aspects of insurance to ensure the industry is united and working for all involved. Today, it is the UK’s leading insurance intermediary organisation, representing the interests of insurance brokers, intermediaries and their customers. Its purpose is to act as the voice for industry-advising members, the government, the regulator, consumer bodies and other stakeholders about

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