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Opening the diary to 2024 is a wonderful opportunity for organising the year ahead.  For some clients it’s business as usual, while others plan exciting new projects, adventures, or milestones. We are often privy to all aspects of our client’s lives and see ourselves as an extension of their family or business – for us it’s personal. What matters to one client is vastly different to the next.

Our highly skilled team have amassed over 250 years’ experience in high net worth personal and business insurance, we make it our mission to look after client’s present whilst anticipating all future needs. How do we do this… it is simple – we establish the most comprehensive understanding of our clients from every angle – lifestyle and business, to investments and family, not to mention health.

We understand the intricate nature of insurance, bringing it into a meaningful context for clients, to minimise the risk in their lives. The delight of giving and receiving high value gifts or investing in new projects; jewellery, cars, watches, art, sports equipment, property, new business ventures (to mention a few) can often be overlooked and not listed on existing policies, so may not be covered in the event of a loss, leaving a client completely exposed to risk if lost, damaged, stolen, or if something unexpected happens.

We could list more intricacies of areas we offer expertise in, but essentially our message is consistent –  any asset or investment that a client owns (or plans to own) with a value, should be insured and we are here to do that for you, when you think of insurance, think of us, there is nothing we can’t provide.

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Written by Eleanor Moore Cert CII, Director of Private Clients