The last 12 months have been remarkable for the degree in which the certainty of how we live and work has been turned upside down.

In having to work from home, we’ve not just become estranged from our desks but our friends and colleagues too. Mind you, social distancing has even required us to change how we interact with family and neighbours – a topic which is of particular sensitivity as I write, only days before Christmas.

Stability is something which we all fundamentally crave. Even as Santa prepares for his yearly delivery run, I reckon that we’re all a little unnerved by surprises – well, the nasty ones, at least.

There are few among us who actually embrace risk. Most of us actually guard against bad things happening by taking out insurance just in case we have a bump in the car, our boiler breaks down or we fall ill.

Yet how accurately do the policies which people buy reflect the lives that they lead or the companies which they run? How often is insurance chosen because more on price than anything else?

That’s important because policyholders only tend to notice that anything’s awry when they have to make a claim.

Part of that is down to an insurance broker providing insurers with the right degree of information to find the most suitable policy rather than having someone experience difficulty by opting for something which is more generic.

Making insurance more tailored or bespoke is something which is at the very heart of Broadway Insurance Brokers.

We may only have opened our doors in September but we have more than a century of combined experience of the insurance industry.

Together, we have realised that insurance can better serve policyholders by developing a better understanding of how both our private and commercial clients behave.

Broadway believes that the most important factor in deciding which insurance policy you adapt should not be price, even though premiums can be more competitive if based on a greater degree of knowledge about who or what is being covered.

Despite being open for just a few months, our approach – providing clarity, value and service – has struck a chord with individuals and the business community in the North West, the region in which we have opened our first office.

I believe that such values should be available to everyone who takes out an insurance policy. They are already especially important to many of our high net worth and entrepreneurial clients.

If you pardon the insurance-related pun, they place a premium on having someone understand the risks which are inherent in the business world, for instance, and having a broker who takes the time to understand how it relates to them.

Our collective experience has shown that a tailored method undoubtedly provides greater reassurance and certainty than its ‘off-the-peg’ alternative.

After all, you wouldn’t purchase a suit based on how much it cost and how it seemed to look without trying it on. Avoiding the prospect of insurance which is just as ill-fitting is what Broadway is all about.

We’re tremendously excited by what’s ahead and the difference which we can make.

Stay in touch and we’re sure that you’ll discover how we can persuade you that some change really is for the better.

Daniel Lloyd John0002 - In A Year Of Change, A New View On Insurance


Written by Daniel Lloyd-John, Chief Executive, Broadway Insurance Brokers